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Get Immersed in Durham

The Durham Box is a quarterly "guide-box" full of exclusive local and handmade products from artisans, makers and businesses, as well as discounts, freebies, and offers. Each season enjoy discovering what Durham has to offer with our Food, Drink & Shop Guides, recommended by people just like you. 

The Durham Box - Winter Edition

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Questions, Feedback or Features?

If you have any questions on the Box, please reach out! We're here to help. We want to know how you're enjoying the box and it's many ways to discover Durham. 

We love discovering new ideas and vendors for the box. If you think that your business or product would fit in well with the box contact us! We are currently planning the Spring 2020 Edition.  

Thank You To Our Winter Sponsors:

Adwerx, Charles Umstead - Chappell Residential, Chrysti Peek - Inhabit Real Estate, 

Chuck Mummert, Cloche Coffee, Intent FitHouse, Liz Schoeneberger, Mark & PJ, Meadows Creative Construction,

MOMentum Market, Nathan "The Birdwatcher" Gyori,  Sarah & Wil Brady, Pareure, Welcome Tattoo,

Werking Design & Decor, Will Goss - Invested Realty