29 Durham Black Owned Businesses You Need To Be Supporting

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

UPDATE: Click here to see our updated list of 140+ ways to start your support.

Durham has a deep and amazing history of diverse entrepreneurs, but with that said, how many of the businesses that you support in your daily life are Black-owned? Think about it. We support so many businesses everyday from lunch joints to home good products to skin care. It's important to do your best to support Black owned businesses not only this month, but everyday. When you support a local business it supports the community, helps the local economy and influences others to support it as well.

Here are 29 Black owned business and creatives that you need to be supporting.

(We understand that there are so many more businesses and people who should be on this list, but we want this to introduce you to just a few for everyday in February and hope you discover more along the way.)

1. Beyu Caffe

Beyu Caffe is a local coffee shop offering food and live music in the heart of Durham.

2. Black Girls Guide to Menopause

Omisade Burney-Scott lends her voice and wisdom to connect black girls to share their journey through menopause, life, love and aging.

3. Boricua Soul

Boricua Soul is a food truck, turned brick and mortar located inside the American Tobacco Campus serving southern latino flavors.

4. Bright Black Candle Company

Bright Black Candle Company is a candle company created by scent artists Tiffany & Dariel who honors the brilliance of Blackness with every candle. Bright Black Candle is also featured in our Winter Box.

5. Bstill Clothing

"Bstill Clothing is a lifestyle brand meant to embrace what makes us unique." They believe in being proud of yourself and not caring what others think.

6. Bull City Butler

Bull City Butler is a concierge service providing savvy and detailed service for clients managing their personal, professional or social commitments.

7. Bull City Dental

Dr. Desiree T. Palmer, Dr. Kemp & their associates help create smiles that make Durham bright. They offer high-quality, state-of-the-art dental care in downtown.

8. Candy Carver

Candy Carver is a Durham based visual artist and art instructor in Durham. Her abstract art is vibrant and pulls the viewer in from the pattern and texture she uses to display the beauty of the human form.

9. Dames Chicken & Waffles

Dames Chicken and Waffles is a restaurant located in Durham, Cary and Greensboro and are famous for their, you guessed it, Chicken & Waffles.

10. Delores J. Hayes Pottery

Delores J. Hayes Pottery is created in Durham by self taught potter, Delores. Her pottery reflects organic shapes, color and texture. Find her on Saturday mornings at the Durham Central Park.

11. DocSwiner

DocSwiner is a MD, speaker, publisher and news & media personality here in Durham. She is also the creator of The Superwoman Survival Kit, a quarterly self-care box delivered to your door.

12. Dreamboat Cafe

Chef Jasmine of Dreamboat Cafe is a private caterer that creates food series of nostalgic craft and heritage through her pop-up dinners.

13. Empower Dance Studio

Empower Dance Studio is a dance studio in Downtown Durham. The 2020 Spring Session is open now.

14. Gavin Christianson Bridal

Gavin Christinanson Bridal is a unique bridal studio styling for brides-to-be in Downtown Durham.

15. Goorsha

Goorsha offers traditional Ethiopian with a modern twist dining in downtown.

16. Harlem Beer Distributing NC

Harlem Beer Distribution of NC creates extraordinary beers with empowering stories.

17. Jade Wilson

Jade Wilson is a documentary photographer and video artist. Find their work inside of Indyweek and attend their workshop, Everyone's an Artist: Refabrication* of Self, at NorthStar Church of the Arts on Feb. 8th.

18. Jeddah’s Tea

Jeddah's Tea is proudly serving tea in downtown Durham six days a week. Try the new canned Hibiscus tea in stores now. Jeddah’s is also featured in our Winter Box.

19. Kharmika - Realtor at Keller Williams Elite Realty

Kharmika is a real estate agent serving the triangle with Keller Williams Elite Realty.

20. Kira Parris-Moore - Books 2 Inspire

Kira is an author and self publisher that strives to increase mental health awareness and inspire hope through children's books.

21. Noila Family & Coffee

Nolia Family & Coffee offers a safe space for children and parents who want to relax and enjoy the comfort inside a kid friendly coffee shop. Nolia is also featured on our winter guide.

22. Provident1898

Provident 1898 is a diverse co-working community in Downtown Durham serving entrepreneurs, innovators, and artists.

23. Saltbox Seafood Joint

Chef & Author Ricky Moore is the mastermind behind Saltbox Seafood Joint in Durham, NC. There are two locations to enjoy, one downtown and one near Rockwood.

24. Six Eighty Eight

Jessica of Six Eighty Eight has a natural talent for all things. Her lifestyle brand combines her love for entertaining, decorating, thrifting/vintage shopping, curating personalized gifts, pottery making, and local foodie excursions. Her Valentine Cookie Box is available now.

25. The Palace International

The Palace International specializes in East African dishes, but also offers other worldly cuisine with an African twist. Their ‘Africana Nights‘ are filled with delicious African food, music and drinks.

26. The Zen Succulent

The Zen Succulent is everyones favorite go-to plant shop in downtown Durham. You can find house plants, gifts, home decor, stationary, skin care and more.

27. Stormie Daie

Stormie Daie is a stylist performer, drag queen and member of The House of Coxx. Stormie brings awareness to the LGBTQ community through amazing performances and work in the community. The House of Coxx family has an opportunity to travel to Cuba to perform to focus on pride, liberation and environmental justice. Support them by donating or going to local shows.

28. Wonderpuff

The best cotton candy you’ll ever taste, her words, but I can attest to this. Jackie, of Wonderpuff, shares her sweet sugar creations through pop-ups and special events around the nation. You can also find her cotton candy in a few local stores. Wonderpuff is also featured in our Winter Box.

29. Zweli's

Zweli’s is the ONLY authentic Zimbabwean restaurant in the USA and happens to be located here in Durham, NC. Check out the couples cooking classes with Chef Zwe throughout February.

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