Dear Durham,

When I started The Durham Box I wanted to create a brand that was for the community, by the community. In the times of Covid-19, I have fallen silent. For that, I am sorry. I haven’t been there for my community, who makes Durham and this brand so amazing. I wasn’t sure how to be, honestly. I felt lost, scared, and nervous. I lost my full-time job, and both of my businesses and freelancing came to a halt. I’ve been home for five weeks now. A lot of that time I have been staying in bed with the dogs and binge watching tv shows. When I finally feel ready to get my day started, I turn to baking. It was hard to be there for you, when I couldn’t even be there for myself. All I knew was that life had bound me to a place, unsure of when I would be free to roam again. I couldn’t find my voice, motivation or urge to create content or work on the upcoming spring box, which was set to release this past week. Even through my silence, please know that I am here with open arms (virtually).

I’m trying to find my footing again and pull inspiration from the community that gave me the courage to start this brand in the first place. There are so many awesome businesses, makers, and neighbors who are passing on their light during this darkness and that gives me hope that we will get through this, stronger than before. I’m reflecting on ways to improve The Durham Box and make it more accessible for all. I plan to reduce the price, but not the quality. To lower our waste for the environment, I will be offering our future launches in a reusable tote bag form, unless they are needed to be shipped. My goal is to have a new tote bag design each launch containing all the goods inside. I also am excited to get back on the blog, “Durham Talks: Outside the Box” and share more stories and inspiration from the people and businesses around Durham.

The way life affects us all is different. It's okay to feel however you are feeling, whether it's good or bad. Reach out to a friend; to me. Tell someone how much you miss them, admire them, or can't wait to hug them. This is our new normal for now and until we can grasp what the future may hold, just know that you're not alone. Let’s continue to build and lean on each other. Think local and support small businesses now more than ever.

Together we will get through this.




I can’t wait to see each and every one of you and tell you how much I’ve missed you. Until then, stay home.

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