Sprucing Up Your Home For The Holidays With These 5 Simple Tips

Article by Jourdan Fairchild, Spruce Creative Studio

Photos by Emily Lyons-Wood.


Hey there! My name is Jourdan Fairchild and I help people create stylish spaces (in person and remotely) that tell their personal stories. One of my services around this time of the year is Holiday Spruce, where I come in and help you get ready for the holiday season by mixing new pieces in with what you already have in the house. Today, I'll be sharing some tips that I've learned along the way to prepare your home for upcoming festivities.


1. Set the tone from the outside in with something simple, easy and stylish. I love the look of a single flower or plant, gathered in one big group. Here, I tucked discarded cedar clippings into a basket I already owned, then wrapped the whole thing in a shearling ribbon and tied it in a bow. Place it by the front door if you have a covered porch or in your entryway to greet guests when they arrive.

2. Stretch your color palette beyond the obvious. Instead of the predictable red and green scene, go for kelly green and pink or olive and cranberry and black. Find items around your house in these hues and find ways to incorporate them, and then accent everything with a touch of metal (gold, silver, brass, etc). Mix vintage pieces with modern ones, new with old. This intentional styling choice will make your home feel authentic and layered.

3. Deck the halls….and bedside tables, and bathrooms, and mantel. During this season when we’re indoors more than ever, stylish little moments around your house will truly bring you—and your guests—joy. Decorate bedside tables with leftover clippings tucked into a glass, add festive touches to your bathrooms, and drape your mantels in leftover evergreen clippings.

4. Make your guests feel like VIPS. Consider every detail to make their stay more relaxing. Set out a pitcher and glass for water at night, a candle to add warmth, and write a note telling them just how much they mean to you. Fluffy new towels (I buy white ones in bulk from Costco) also work like a charm.

5. Desperate for a room makeover on a tight budget? Swap out your accessories. I love the way these gorgeous modern pillows by Grey Goods Studio pop against a blue leather couch. They feel fresh and also seasonal and will look great long after the holidays.


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