The Ultimate Guide Around Durham to End the Decade: The Places to Try Before 2020

As 2019 comes to an end, we look back at a few of our favorite places to eat, drink and shop in Durham, NC this past year, with a few left to try before the new decade. Take a look at our "End of the Year Bucket List" and see how many you've tried so far!

Disclaimer: These are just a few of the many, many amazing local spots to try out, so continue to follow along with us and discover what Durham has to offer. Keep in mind it's the end of the year and hours may differ than what is posted below.

Where to Eat:

There's no argument that Durham's food scene is one of the best, but with so many great options let's see if you've been to all of these restaurants.

Where to Drink:

Take the holiday edge off or enjoy a special moment with a friend or family member with a nice sip at these go-to place.

Where to Shop:

From clothes to handmade we selected some of our go-to's for shopping local.


How many places have you tried? 2020 is on the way and will be the decade of discovering all of Durham, and we're here to help. Subscribe to our newsletters and check out our Durham Box Winter Edition available now. Follow us on instagram or facebook @thedurhambox.

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